Have you ever taken an early morning stroll before that sun rises and you ponder to yourself how peaceful and content Mother Nature is?

To you, it feels as if Mother Nature must still wake up from her beauty sleep. But at the same time, you cannot wonder what storm is brewing under all that magnificent beauty and charm.

In truth, you can’t trust her because she can become like a woman that is scorned no matter how she looks, because looks can be so deceiving.

I compare Mother Nature to the timeless human race. Just like the human race, it has it’s mood swings when angry. 

Just like she destroys everything in her sight with no questions asked or no mercy given, she takes what belongs to her.

So does man take what belongs to him even though it ain’t right? He destroys everything in his path that others built. 

Though Mother Nature was given to us free, she is still in chains; those chains that man has put on her. 

Like man, he also was born free but through his own selfish ways those shackles still today chokes him.

Indeed man has never learned the art of true humility and that everything that is in this world belongs to everyone no matter who you are or where you come from.

Unless we learn that lesson, we will never ever move on, and that is a fact.  In this life, we still have to cross many bridges; some of them are hard lessons for us, and others are easy ones.

We don’t always need to fight to get our way just be humble and ask nicely we don’t always have to show who carries the power or show our teeth.

The bottom line is, treat others the way you would like to be treated. If you borrowed from someone pay it back your life will be so content, and your chance will come just be patient. 

Even Mother Nature has a period of peace and tranquillity let us all learn from her and respect each other it doesn’t cost much.