What can I honestly say about music!

For generations, it has soothed man’s soul.

Music can make you cry, laugh, smile, take you to faraway places, make your mind wander.

But where did this music originate from? The Good Book teaches us that music soothed many kings’ souls.

Man falls asleep to music. It even cures man’s worries and put peace in his tired soul.

Many years later, there are many genres of music! But I guess, to my mind I am an old soul. I prefer the music of generations ago from the nineteen fifties to the sixties. For me, that was music.

Even if you sit by a river, and you hear the ripples that the water makes, that is a form of music.

Music will always touch man’s soul in totally different ways. I don’t think, it will ever die out. I am sure that even in the heavenly realms there is music, welcoming the sinner.

Music crosses all boundaries there is not a soul that is not touched by the magic of music.

It is an antidote for peace and calm. 

So mankind, appreciate the different forms of music and just be at peace with yourself.