You roamed Mother Earth for millions of years. 

You are even older than human.

Yet you are far from being a dying species. 

You breed like rats. 

For one, you don’t even use contraception.

In your world, there is no such thing. 

You have no master to give an account to.

The world is your eternal playground.

Your home is those filthy drains and sewages. 

You are indeed the uninvited guests.

You march into our homes with military precision. And take over as a military coup.

Strange enough in winter you hibernate. 

But summertime I see your ugly faces. 

And your slim bodies moving across those painted walls and concrete slabs.

I despise you do you know that. 

And you look at me with that cynical grin on your face.

As if to say I am back with a vengeance. 

You can’t stop me now.

Yet what puzzles me is this- You can outlive a nuclear war. 

That amazes me. 

But insecticide can kill you.

I don’t understand that. I guess in some strange way I admire you.

I will never understand how Mother Nature works.