My single mother was waiting patiently for me to be born even people that I didn’t know they too were praying for me to exit my mother’s warm and comfortable cocoon. But as usual, I was late in coming and making my grand entrance. Then eventually I came forth like one silent volcano with no frills or spills not even a loud cry coming from me.

I came into this world a world that I didn’t even know of or have any concept of how vast it was. In time my mother taught me the two kinds of worlds the one of noise and the silent one. I was born into a silent and deaf world. I could never understand why I was born this why I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it.

For I just couldn’t accept myself and the way I was to me it felt like I was in this eternal invisible prison a prison I knew deep down that there would be no chance of parole for me. What crime did I commit I ask myself that question? Or am I been punished for future iniquities that I must still commit or how does that work?

 People began to ridicule me as if I offended them in some way even these invisible heavy shackles began to drag me down into some unknown everlasting black vortex. The nights were so lonely and devoid of any joy for me as I cried those terrible lonely silent tears.

When my personal ordeal will end, I can’t say for sure although it is not up to me! The mere thought of death was ever-present before me but to my mind death wouldn’t want this wretched soul of mine it chased me away like I had some incurable disease. 

Everywhere I went I felt mans’ ultimate wrath from all four corners of this planet Earth which I call home or is it my home? In most cases, I don’t think so I never knew that man could be so cruel and so judgemental my heart cries like one raging river at how cruel humans can be.

This was my personal solitary confinement even though I didn’t want to, but I must face it. This will be with me for all eternity and beyond I can’t run away from it. I have to be a man and live with it. Then unbeknown to me a worst frightening tragedy would come my way like a silent wind blowing over this place, a tragedy so dark not even I can get rid of it. My dear mother who was my friend, confidante and my greatest inspiration became part of the everlasting shifting sands of Mother Nature.

How much more could I carry on my fragile and sagging back this burden became too much for me. Not long after that my whole world was plunged into total darkness. To this day though I am all alone! I still can’t accept all the things that happened to me. I can’t say if this was to test the human spirit or only time will tell!

This is me and my solitary confinement!