Since as far back as I can recall, man has set himself these goals, but most of the time they are not attained. Some are broken, and they wither away like timeless leaves.

But how often have we reflected on the true meaning of a New Year? Yes, we celebrate it, but those celebrations are like dying embers of a once roaring fire.

We search the universe, but we never find the correct answer or truth.

We promise with our heart and soul to repair broken families troubles, but we never do. We promise to give something back to society, but somehow that road gets tangled into some unknown web of lies.

Forgiving others is not even mentioned in our vocabulary. We still bear those ageless grudges against people that are no more on this earth.

Our breath smells like stale vinegar because only harsh words come forth from it. True forgiveness never crossed your lips.

Our creditors align our filthy doorsteps because we refuse to repay them. We pass them by like shadows of the past.

Indeed we never really find the true meaning of a New Year? We carry our disgruntled behaviour into the New Year as if we are being rewarded for it.

The past hangs on us like a tight noose choking the very lifeblood out of us.

We never see the good that others do, all we see are their years of filthy iniquity.

Even the graveyards don’t want us they close their gates, never to open it again.

The lesson here is to celebrate it, but don’t forget where you come from. 

If you give to charity, give to everyone no matter who they are or where they are from.

Remember we are the last of this human race so live in peace and harmony. 

Happy New Year to all out there!