Let us all, for a few moments, reflect on this word life. And see what we come up with.

Life could mean many things, for example, a new birth of a baby and so on.

But what is life to you personally?

This world was created to enjoy and marvel at its timeless beauty.  So why do we still tend to drag the heavy dark shackles of the past with us?

To me, life must be celebrated in all forms. If you want to dance your life away, then go for it. If you want to sing, laugh, drink, and so on, it’s your life. 

Let nothing prevent you from enjoying your life. Don’t wake up with the same story on your tired face. 

Take that first step to your ultimate happiness. Make it happen for you and only you. 

Greet the world out there with a smile on your face. Don’t always complain because it doesn’t do you any justice.

Be proud of who you are or what you stand for. Don’t let others drag you down into their pit of misery and constant battles.

We have enough of this who’s right and who’s wrong. Don’t surround yourself with negative energy.  Let go of those kinds of people- they are just ruining your time to shine.

Smile at others no matter if you know them or not. Create your wonderful life. Because in the end, you just have this life.

Don’t wait for death or the last bell to ring, let that bell ring for your joy and your life.

Finalise your personal goals, don’t wait for the last minute. 

Enjoy your life, I am.