What is the true perception of love? And where did it originate?

The word love is the most widely misused in all of history.

In this world there are two forms of love and being in love. The love of music, the love of working in the garden, the love of art, the love of poetry, 

The love of friends, the love of my faith, the love of the ocean, the love of Mother Nature, the love of the poor, the love of my family, the love of prayer, the love of true peace and that list goes on.

But the minute you say I am in love with you that in effect takes on a different meaning. It means that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

That is the kind of love that most of us are searching for including me. Because I will treasure till the day I close my eyes.

Through the centuries man wrote about this gentle word on animal skins, jutted rocks, on walls of their humble abodes.

But strange enough they could never grasp the meaning of that simple word.

Songs were written about it, Man cried about it, fought about it, conquered kingdoms in using the word. And some even died for love.

So where does this word come from? I ask myself often but I cannot find an answer as it makes a fool of even most hardened person.

It warms a man’s soul like a burning flame. It makes you leap for joy. It makes the heart sing. It makes you ponder on things. It makes you feel alive.

In truth, man cannot live without it if he could how lonely will his soul be? Love fights for true justice but it never harms you.

Love does not ask for anything in return, it is not bitter, nor does it criticize, or hold grudges and it does not live in the past. 

It spreads its gentle wings like a proud eagle in flight over every human soul. And every person is touched by it whether sinner or saint.

Let us all keep this word alive as we make our earthly journey in this life.