A Snippet of our History:

Boipatong massacre

On 17 June 1992 the Joe Slovo Informal settlement in Boipatong outside Vereeniging was attacked by a group of about 300 armed men from Kwa Madala Hostel in nearby Sebokeng Township. The armed men were affiliated to the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and observers suspected that the attack was aimed at undermining the delicate process of negotiations between the Nationalist Party (NP) government and the African National Congress (ANC). In response to the massacre the ANC withdrew from the negotiations, blaming the NP government for the attack.

The Boipatong massacre is one of the bloodiest and brutal moments of popular violence that engulfed South Africa in the decade between 1984 and 1993. Beginning in nearby Sebokeng and Sharpeville Townships, popular violence spread across South Africa, passing Boipatong by. Just when an end to popular violence appeared in sight, machete and spear-wielding “Zulu impis” struck, generating widespread condemnation for the IFP and Chief Mangosutho Buthelezi.   

After the massacre, on 18 June 1992, Joe Slovo and Cyril Ramaphosa visited Boipatong. Ramaphosa accused De Klerk and the police of complicity in the massacre.

On 20th June 1992 state President F.W De Klerk visited Boipatong under heavy police guard in an attempt to show “sympathy” for the victims. But, residents of the area were even more agitated by the visit and vented their anger chanting “To hell with de Klerk — go away, go away”.

After his departure police opened fire on the crowd forcing them to flee.

Women mourned the death of nine-month-old Aaron Mathope killed in the Boipatong Massacre in June 1992

Winnie Madikizela Mandela visited Boipatong and addressed residents. On 21st June 1992 Nelson Mandela, Cryril Ramaphosa and other leading members of the ANC visited Boipatong. In addressing people on the field where the police had fired on a crowd of protestors after the hasty departure of De Klerk, Mandela expressed his anger, ‘I am convinced we are no longer dealing with human beings but animals…We will not forget what Mr de Klerk, the National Party, and the Inkatha Freedom Party have done to our people. I have never seen such cruelty.”

Based on the above, although I am not an EFF member or “fan” of theirs, I understand 100% why the EFF members disrupted SONA proceedings. Why would I choose to sit with someone who did this to our people then have the nerve, the gall to say that he does not consider Apartheid “a crime against humanity!”

During Apartheid there were disruptors and protestors fighting against this very man that is sitting so smugly in Parliament.

Why is it that it seems ok for black and brown people to be triggered time and again by people who have ruthlessly and systematically stripped us of our rights and humanity? Black and brown people are traumatized by this man who sits as if he is nothing but a kindly grandfather and did nothing more than work hard for his family and lovingly play with his grandchildren.

And we are worried about how EFF disrupted SONA? WTF? I would have done the same. There is no way that any survivor or their children of the Holocaust would be expected to sit next to Adolph Hitler or Adolph Eichmann so what makes it ok for us to be retraumatized by this man.

Now we must sit like the good slaves we are with our black faces smiling with forgiveness in our hearts and our hats in our hands.

I could not care less about decorum, but I give a damn about people who died for my freedom, people who were tortured for not being white, people who were raped and oppressed because of white supremacy.

Yes, I am angry! I’m angry because in this instance no white person not even my dear husband should come to me to tell me how barbaric the EFF is? If anyone does, I will direct them to read up on our history to show who the barbaric ones are.

De Klerk was right when he said Apartheid was not a crime against humanity. He would have to see our humanity, acknowledge it then confirm just how cruel and vicious he and his cohorts were.

I say “Enough, this Apartheid President needs to hide his face in shame in a quiet place somewhere where black and brown people don’t need to see him and be triggered.

I’m not interested in Ramaphosa or Malema’s Breitling watch he wears. That’s a discussion for another day!