How do you identify people who are looting?

You don’t, you, look at their colour and start shooting

You shoot because they all steal.

So it’s no big deal

If between the looters the innocent die

What does it matter when they all lie

They’re good for nothing except lowly jobs

And you have to watch them because they rob

You of everything even bread

So best you make sure when you shoot that they are dead

You may want to burn their bodies after

Then compound your deed with jeers and laughter

And justify it by saying you were defending your property

From violent robbery

And amid the chaos, riots and madness

Bullets, batons, fires and screams, sadness

Tentatively lifted her head.

When we looked around and saw who was dead

There were no savages, but people of all ages

Bodies missing, some strewn in the streets, unmistakably victims of rages.

Bloodthirsty rages but not racism

You screamed in defence of fascism

Ethnic mobilization you agreed and cry

With many of you knowing it was a lie

A young boy stood with undies in his bag.

Willing to risk his life for his clothes to look better than the rags

A young woman violently pulled from her car and struck

Out of luck, because on the basis of colour, she was a thief and looted

And trying to proclaim her innocence, she was muted

So many people who were simply going about their day

Had to pay

The ultimate price on the basis of colour

Paying for a valour

They never wanted

But couldn’t hide that they were shunted

For walking, talking and just being

With death finally freeing

Them from the burden of race

That worldwide they have to face

Black lives matter

They matter more than merely a splatter

On a pavement, for sins they never had

But deemed bad

Now that the dust is settled, we have to reconcile

And compile

The list of bodies and families that have to be told

To bury their loved ones, swallow their grief and behold

Life without a loved one so dear

Then told to advocate for peace without a tear

Fear gripping them because they are hated

Never seen as honourable and rated

Thief, savage, looters

Except they were not the shooters

Of their kin

But shot instead based on the colour of their skin.