Piers Morgan is, simply, “stating his opinion:”

Piers Morgan’s behaviour regarding the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, isn’t just racist but bordering on being stalkerish.

There is a saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned;” If I think about it, this saying was probably written by a man who failed to look deeper or see the bigger picture of the woman he was referring to.

I’d like you to close your eyes and imagine a black man who is 6 foot, with dark brown skin colour and a loud voice. The ones we see in movies when the black actor is portrayed as the bad guy. Now picture a slim, white woman with blond hair and looking as if she wouldn’t hurt a fly. When you have the picture of the “bogey man” in your head, start imagining him constantly putting down and denigrating the woman. You hear his booming voice across the airwaves sending toxic messages about her or tweeting about her. She quite rightly, given the global violence against women, ignores him and doesn’t retaliate. This continues for 3 years; 3 years in which, nearly at every turn, his comments inevitably have to be about her.

There is no doubt in my mind that the black guy would have been fired and or “cancelled” on social media. In other words, people the world over would stop supporting him. After all, he is black, and the poor white woman, who is crying, and under immense mental pressure, decides to speak about it, the black man dismisses her mental issues as “unbelievable.” Let us use Samuel L. Jackson as the bad guy and Scarlett Johansson as the victim.

The difference between the scenario above and real life is that Piers is white and male, and based on systemic racism, not only does he have privilege, but he is always given the benefit of the doubt. While the black woman is viewed with suspicion, “wanting attention,” being dramatic, etc.

Black men like Colin Kaepernick lose their jobs when kneeling while the anthem was being sung to draw attention to the black people being gunned down and abused because of the racist policing system. 

Piers Morgan, on the other hand, being white and male, speaks over and above all women and is dismissive of especially black women by drowning their voices with his loudness.  

Because there is no racism, or so he would have you believe, while proudly displaying racist behaviour.

Hell, in this instance hath no fury like Piers Morgan scorned! Dismissing mental issues as he did, set people with mental health issues back to a time where there was a constant struggle to not be labelled as “cuckoo.” 

Yet, that is what happened during his show, but for the strong response from Dr Shola Mos- Shogbamimu, a lawyer and women’s rights activist, his behaviour would have been seen as “just” his opinion. 

I’m not even going to delve into the racist aspect of “his opinion,” but ask you, the reader, to think about why it is ok to allow especially white men, to abuse black women in this way? Then further compound their behaviour by acting like a victim when he resigned and stormed out of the studio on a live show when he gets called out.

White men have, during history, shown us how violent they can be. We need only recall King Leopold ll of Belgium, responsible for mass genocide, he would more than likely have been sent to a mental health facility for observation. Being sent for “mental observation,” in some instances for some people has become a “get out of jail free card.”

In other words, there must be something “wrong” with him to behave that way! Now with the large number of black men incarcerated and given lengthy sentences for minor offences, how many of them were allowed to have their mental health evaluated?

Piers Morgan is not a bully because a bully will terrorise anyone they deem “inferior.” He is simply a white man, steeped in privilege, who couldn’t believe that a black woman wasn’t interested in him and “ghosted” him.

It won’t come as any surprise if, in a few days, Piers Morgan checks into a facility for his mental health. I am in no way downplaying the effects of a mental illness, but people like him do, then conveniently mention it when it suits their agenda. Ask yourself why he chastised the doctor mentioned above for dismissing the Queen’s fragile mental state, due to her husband’s illness, yet in the same breath dismissed a black woman’s mental state?

I will give you a guess, and it has nothing to do with him loving the Queen but everything to do with racism and his sense of entitlement and viewing black women as “inferior.” It’s the reason one of his headings “Demand” that Meghan get in touch with her father before it’s too late.

It’s not surprising that Sharon Osbourne chose to defend Piers Morgan on Twitter. White women throughout history have been known to ignore the plight of the black woman when seeking favour from the white man.