Kakocracy: Rule or govern by the worst of the people: A form of Government in which the worst people are in power.

Prior to 1652, the year that Jan Van Riebeek landed at the Cape, a white ethnic group like the Afrikaners didn’t exist. Arguably, the Afrikaners were as much a white supremacist social construction; they are therefore, the largest white ethnic immigrant group in the world, outside of Europe, the Americas and Oceana that lives in Africa. So, a rag-tag bunch of immigrant Europeans invented a separate ethnic identity for themselves and hijacked a country bigger than Egypt that they would go on to dominate at the explicit expense of the indigenous tribes, by providing all Afrikaners with jobs, with some explicitly enabled to amass huge, generational fortunes in the process. The Afrikaners number around 2.8 million. They are descendants of the mainly 17th century Dutch, German and French settlers in South Africa.

So why are they so unhappy? How is it possible to display such resentment to your new home and its indigenous population, even though you have enjoyed unparralled state assistance and institutionalised opportunities for wealth generation and security of land tenure over more than 300-years? With some Afrikaner businessmen ranked by Forbes magazine as some of the richest dollar billionaires in the world. How can a people that owns 419 005 farms, more than 40% of the land in South Africa and post the Negotiated Settlement of the early nineties never having lost not one square inch of land through LEWC, Land Expropriation without Compensation be so sad, that new pro-right organisations have sprung up to agitate for even more protections for the Afrikaner in one of the most progressive democracies in the world?

How is it possible to be key to the Negotiated Settlement that met all your needs and requirements under threat of war from yourselves, can you display such bitterness? The ostensible bitterness towards the black government, the local administrations, the workers that you employ to keep you in the position in which you are accustomed and just about every other black political party, regardless of their size? What is the purpose of vilifying the losers in the contest for economic freedom, wealth and resources and land restitution? Why the occasional and inexplicable murder and abuse of black people, especially people in your employ? Why start a multimillion rand organisation; Afriforum, to protect your language, culture and identity? Is it because you know that they are recent constructions (barley 200-years old), and that the younger Afrikaner may soon assimilate into the dominant culture (the black culture) and forget who they are? 

Barely a week goes by without some article in the mainstream media challenging some or other government policy and it’s imagined deleterious effects it may have on your community, as if the Afrikaner is a homogenous group? Did you know that back in the late seventies, early eighties, the Afrikaner recorded the highest incidences per capita of suicides and family killings in the Western world? 

Can it be argued that the ideology of white supremacy and racism, the philosophy of your forefathers and the system of Apartheid, that gave you a massive advantage over black people in all areas of human endeavours, weighs so heavily on your subconscious, that it actualises itself as your discontent in spite of your economic and wealth advantages? Is this the moral trauma of racism sociologists have been speculating about for years that white people the world over experience, but it manifests more in your collective psyche because of the knowledge that Apartheid was indeed a crime against an innocent people? Do you proclaim to all you would listen about a phantom genocide, when it is in fact you as a people that perpetrated a genocide against your own black brothers and sisters, the ones you see every day and who are in your employ, often holding sensitive positions of trust in your business? Why are you so unhappy?????????