This mortal body of mine was once stain free. Now it is consumed by jealousy, envy, self-righteousness, power, greed, lies, empty promises, ungratefulness, self-pity, no respect, and no love.

Humans run far away from me as if I have a contagious disease. I take from people that already have nothing. The past haunts me like ghosts of yesteryear. 

I am so steeped in the misery of the past that not even my shadow can find true peace. Truthfully, I live among the dead. Man doesn’t believe me when I say that I will repay every cent. They are tired of my constant lies.

Mother Nature treats me as if I was some criminal or vagrant. They close their eyes when I walk past them. 

No church wants to invite me in, I am the lost Prodigal Son and will remain that.

Eternal graves don’t want me! They spit me out like a cobra spitting out an unclean meal. 

I cannot hide this face because they know me. My punishment I compare to the fires of everlasting hell.

Every door that I look at is closed! Never to be opened again as long as I am around.

Mercy? What is that? I don’t know such a word. 

My bed is these cruel, unforgiving streets. The very air I breathe gets sucked away from me. My crimes against humanity are written all over this filthy body that it even stains my soul. 

How can I call my body a temple, or call myself holy? When I pray, I constantly commit these vile acts against this human race. 

Indeed, I am a prisoner unto myself. 

I am the ultimate outcast.