Post-Racialism means:

The idea that society has moved beyond race and racism and what we are dealing with now are immigration issues, classism issues and political issues. In other words much like the “I don’t see colour” narrative. 

This post-racialism has gained traction since Barack Obama became President. 

Examples of post- racialism:

“What? He called you the n-word? I’m sure he didn’t mean it in a bad way, because our society is post-racial now.”

“Mexicans are always talking about race in our post-racial society. I wish they’d just get over it!”

In order for a “post” to exist, there has to have been a “pre” and if there was a “pre” then there would be visible, obvious changes that led us to this post era. So let’s see how post we really are:

El-Paso mass shooter is a young white male who killed about 20 Mexican’s and injured several others. He is purported not to believe in “racial mixing.” He has just turned 21 years of age. That would mean that he was 11 year old when Obama became President, which means he grew up in this post-racial era. So it begs the question where he would have learned hate for Mexicans growing up. Could it be from his “pre-racial” era parents perhaps? I’m being facetious because it makes no sense in this future of post-racialism for him to be so filled with hate.

The Dayton, Ohio mass shooter was a 24-year-old white male, who, it is alleged that he hated his sister dating an African American. So he would have been about 13 years old when this post-racialism reared its ugly head. Again, I have to ask in a post society who taught him this type of behaviour? He had to learn it somewhere. 

Detention centers for illegal immigrant children who are crying out for their parents and are traumatized and do NOT understand why their parents aren’t with them would undoubtedly leave deep psychological scars on those children. But the parents were wrong weren’t they? It’s the parents fault and they should not have come with their children to begin with isn’t it? So little children have to suffer because of their parent’s choices? Let’s round up all the little children of all the people incarcerated why don’t we, and let them also suffer for their parent’s misdeeds or mistakes. Same thing isn’t it? Innocent children suffering or is that different?

Post-racialism has brought out words such as “infested” from President Trump when describing anyone or any country not white. But he is not racist because being racist is so passé isn’t it? He is such a wonderful President because he is making America great again.

Here’s a thought: if he wanted to make America great again he can start by removing all white people from the country and return the country back to the original Native American people. 

How can we possibly speak about a post-racial society when we have not dealt with racism at an institutionalized and systemic level? 

How can we possibly speak about a post-racial society when young white males are still gunning down black and brown people?

How can we possibly speak about a post-racial society when it is not largely young white men lying on pavements in their own blood for having broken tail lights, carrying cell phones, etc

All post-racialism does is shut down much-needed conversations and education about racism. Pretending you’re in a post-racial society is like saying, “I can’t be racist, I have a black friend” whilst attending Trump rallies and applauding when he calls countries in Africa “shit holes!”

Let’s continue with this dangerous post-racial narrative while violence and hate escalate, shall we?

“I’m not racist, but……