When will man find common ground for this word? 

Since the dawn of creation, maybe there was peace for a while. 

But since I recall or my years on this planet there was never peace.

For centuries man tried to find this peace but to no avail.

Yes, I admire man’s intelligence, but at the same time, I laugh at his folly. He thinks that by spending billions of dollars on weapons that peace will somehow reign. 

How ignorant can you be? Those very same weapons will destroy him.

People are fighting for peace, but how long will it take to see the light? 

My heart and soul mourns for this peace. 

Everybody has their own opinion, you can’t force someone to believe in what you believe in. We are not robots dancing to your tune. 

Every day I see the man hiding behind those high concrete walls for fear of being killed by some stray bullet. Parents are tired of burying their children.

The graves are getting full but no peace in sight. 

When will this war end?

We are too scared to walk to the shops for fear of being the next victim.

I shake those peacemakers’ hands, but at the same time, I see the constant battle on their weary faces.

Their bodies are tired and drained, some of them don’t even sleep. They are burning their lamps and candles right through the night, hoping for a miracle.

Our next generation isn’t safe anymore! In truth, there will never be peace not in this lifetime because of man’s way of thinking.

Peace will always haunt this human race like ghosts of yesteryear. Never in all history did man long for true peace where he or she can live in true harmony and tranquillity.

The “good book” speaks of this peace, but where do you find it? Man’s thirst for blood and his self-righteous ways will always hamper that decision for “true peace.”

Let us all pray for this peace so that we can reap the benefits instead of always thinking about ourselves and what we can gain from man’s misery.

Another thing is just to forget the past and let it rest in peace and move on. Don’t live a life of bitterness and envy. Give back what is due to other people and free yourself from those shackles.