In a world, so shattered and torn, we try so hard to find the beauty in it, but time and again, we fail.

Because we are far too busy pointing that finger at someone. Not realising that we are at fault. We are too blinded to see three fingers pointing back at us.

So ask yourself, who is worse, you pointing one finger or the three fingers pointing back at you?

In truth, we tend to blame others for our failures in life, but we fail to see it could be our failure.

Remember, when we fall to the ground, it is the most gruelling task to stand up and face this world again. After all, we are only humans with many faults of our own.

Don’t let the past be like a heavy noose around your neck. Let it go! We are more worthy than the ancient past. if we don’t, we are only causing harm to ourselves.

So stop pointing those fingers at others and make a concerted effort to move on. And be more joyous than sad. Whatever 

It is time to bury it deep in the sands of this Earth. We all make mistakes, but we can learn from our past and do better because it happened, no matter how cruel, it will always remain in the past unless you keep on raking it up.