I am not human, I know for sure

Cause if I was, you would have shut the door

On Trump and his band of thieves and racists

By at least giving Biden/Harris a chance to prove they aren’t fascists

A landslide victory we all expected

But wondered why Trump had a fence erected

Around the White House, he claims as his own

To remain in office until voting has blown.

Over and he can claim to be the one,

Leading Americans until he feels he has done

Enough to secure the right-wingers their place

While making a smaller space

For black and brown people and their kin

By criminalising the colour of their skin

He takes what he wants without asking if he can

And destroying years of women’s rights, that is the plan.

A plan that would not have worked if

The racists didn’t support him and hand him the gift.

Of ruling over a nation with such might

Yet, inside terrorising people of colour on sight.

It will be a landslide victory they all said

Never knowing how much hatred can spread.

Across the country and the world at large

By voting to place Trump in charge

Of human rights which don’t seem to matter

Not while he is around with his splutter and splatter

He mocks and taunts all people that get in his way,

Then cries confusion when he can’t sway.

The people into believing he’s a good man

I guess that was the ultimate plan.

To seize control and destroy what was good,

And people fell for his talks as we knew they would

It speaks volumes that he hasn’t been ejected.

About a people who silently wished racism was resurrected

I don’t blame him for trying,

Nor standing by while people are dying.

In the cages, they set up to house little ones,

Coming to America with big dreams but faced instead with guns

Ready to shoot them should they move,

And by that action, it’s not difficult to prove.

America was founded on racism and violence.

Except now with him at the helm, there is no need for silence.

Or pretence that all is well

In the land of plenty, we can readily tell.

That voters have made their mark for the world to see

That racism Trumps humanity so we should let them be

And movements like BLM and such,

Won’t do much

To effect change so we can all live happily and just be

Americans have chosen to not let black and brown people be free.

Trump wins even if not in charge.

Because his level of misogyny and racism remains at large.

From North to South he played on their delusions and fears.

While the rest of us in the world looked on in horror and tears.