I want to talk about racism that suddenly, due to some quick thinking PR people, is now being foisted on POC when we are being hateful or prejudiced or heaven forbid a person of colour acquires a position that you felt you deserved. 

You know, the dreaded BEE that’s “reverse racism” as far as some white people are concerned.

In 1886 Karl Benz, invented the first car but it did not become widely available until the early 20th century. Henry Ford innovated mass-production techniques (for cars) that became standard with Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. 

Credit then goes to Karl Benz and Henry Ford for the invention of a car and the mass production of cars.

They are widely acknowledged for doing that and so they should be.

They worked hard at their inventions.

Let’s step closer to home and I’m sure everyone remembers Mark Shuttleworth. He founded Thawte Consulting in 1995, a currently running company which specialized in digital certificates and Internet security. In December 1999, Thawte was acquired by VeriSign, earning Shuttleworth R3.5 billion (about US$575 (equivalent to $826.66 in 2016) million)

Credit goes to Mark Shuttleworth, as it should and naturally he became a wealthy man. I do recall him giving each of his employees, the domestic worker, and the gardener one million Rand as a thank you gesture. Very generous of him to do so.

His name has gone down in history and will remain there.

Now let’s talk about “dictionary definitions” and the almost constant argument and outright lie that white people never invented the word racism or anything pertaining to that, even though there were white lexicographers but let’s for the sake of this article agree with you.

I want you to take a very close look at the definition of race and the definition of “negro!” This is from a European dictionary of 1940. 

Not exactly a flattering description of black people isn’t it? But you can see that they clearly consider themselves superior by this vile, racist description.

As if we are a bunch of wild animals that need taming.

Let’s be honest, though I wasn’t in Europe at the time, I would bet that these descriptions of POC people could only have been written by white people (especially with it being Europe).

If this was indeed by white people then why is it we are now a few decades later, saddled with the “reverse racism” theory that’s been thrust upon us? 

I don’t see Mark Shuttleworth suddenly giving the recognition of his brain child to the gardener nor have I seen Henry Ford credit his gardener or housekeeper for the mass production of vehicles.

I can assure you that had race, racism, negro and other derogatory words used to describe and abuse us been positive, white people would never have been so quick to “hand it over” to POC.

If being racist had positive connotations to it, white people would have gone to war with us to hold onto their invention but because its negative, its violent and abusive nobody wants to proudly be associated with it but would rather, while clinging to privilege, willingly and hastily hand it over to the very people it was meant to harm.

Skeletons in your closet can be hidden away but it can’t be hidden in your neighbours closet.