Ramaphosa has to walk a tightrope, and may have to choose Mabuza as his vice president.
Let’s not forget Mabuza handed him the presidency and freed our country from the stranglehold of the Zuma faction. If he is the vice president, he will have a very perfunctory role like Ramaphosa and Motlanthe did under Zuma.
Ramaphosa needs him to back him up against Ace and Duarte.
The ANCs constitution seems pretty silly, when an SC can wield more power than its president.
The members from the Zuma faction might just jump ship to curry favour with Ramaphosa because Zuma no longer carries much clout, so that should put paid to any ideas of recalling Ramaphosa.
Zuma’s absence at the President’s inauguration was a clear sign of Zuma losing his grip with the general population. He feared being booed.

Mbeki was given a roaring welcome, God only knows why, because, he like so many others in his position, except for the late Kathrada, did not make his voice heard about Zuma’s wanton destruction of the country and his party.
During the run-up to the elections, both Mbeki and Motlanthe, spoke ill of the ANC, damaging Ramaphosa’s campaign. Ramaphosa took it in his stride and disappointed them all.
Ramaphosa is going to rely on the judiciary to tackle the corrupt without saying a word. This is what both Ace and Malema fear.
Malema is trying to drum up support for the idea that Ramaphosa will be recalled. It’s utterly absurd. Ramaphosa won against all odds.
He won many of the provinces, so they will have to listen to him.
If Ramaphosa started his own party, the ANC, will be history, like Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s party. The country will head that way very soon and if it does, it might be a good thing because the seeds of corruption have sunk, irretrievably deep into the moral fibre of the ANC. They, to a large extent, have lost their moral compass, and have been characterized by infighting and factionalism, with no interest in the wellbeing of the future of this country and its citizens.

(All views and opinions expressed is of Dr. EV Rapiti)