Rules are there not to frustrate you but to accommodate you.

We all have seen the person that rushes off at a 4 way stop disobeying the traffic rules whilst others sit patiently waiting for their turn. Then some push to the front of a queue in a supermarket ignoring the people that are lined up.

Still, there are a few that would stand in a queue with a trolley that specifically is meant for baskets only and a “10 items or less” queue. There are very few things that get me wanting to knock some sense into them by chastising them in a loud voice that will hopefully embarrass them. The disabled parking that is reserved for people with disabilities is often used by these able-bodied people who are in a rush to pop into a place for a “quick bite” or item.

These types of people like to view themselves as rebels; rebels rebelling against the system. Sadly, there is no just cause that they have in mind. Their inconsiderate and rude manners don’t come to the fore to highlight inequalities that exist or uplift the underdog. In effect, they are rebels with no cause. They are out for themselves and “rebel” because they don’t want to wait in line. They are much like the anti-maskers during the Covid-19 pandemic that will have a hissy fit because they don’t want to wear a mask irrespective of them being around vulnerable people.

It’s not rebelliousness that is at play here but bullying and tantrum-throwing. It’s the actions of people that have not become accustomed to social norms such as politeness. By their reckless actions these “rebels” or rather bullies, delay everyone in the queue at the supermarket, nearly cause accidents by speeding off when it’s not their turn and feel nothing when people with disabilities have to park further from an entrance to a place because the parking designated for them is occupied by the bully.

Their needs trump everyone else’s and they make it obvious by their lack of empathy and basic humanity. These people are entitled and believe that they are the only people that matter in this world.

Rebels fight to change laws, to free a country, to emancipate people. They do not fight and push people aside simply because they are in a hurry or impatient. There is no cause just enough that undermines and disrespects basic humanity.