Picture these comrades?

1. We have a “company” that has been operating efficiently for more than 3-decades, and without help employs 600 000 people. That is slightly more people than the mining sector and the top 5 big banks combined.

2. Has a 260 000 item asset base, with a minimum tangible value of R 80 000 each, putting its combined asset value at a staggering R 21 billion.

3. Has a client base of roughly 7.5 million people, the largest second only to Shoprite Checkers.

4. Is the single largest client in the motor industry?

5. It is one of the top three largest clients in the banking industry.

6. It is one of the top three largest clients in the insurance industry.

7. Singlehandedly saved the multi-billion rand motor and fuel industries in South Africa at the height of the sanctions era.

8. Is amazingly not a listed company.

9. Is not even registered as a Mutual entity.

10. Receives zero tax incentives from the government.

11. Pays the government billions in VAT remittances per annum.

12. Does not enjoy the normal protections (in the form of bespoke legislation) afforded to other industries of a similar size.

13. Has less recorded deaths than the mining industry over a similar period of 3 decades? 

14. Turns over an average of R100 billion in annual profits.

15. And contributes a few more billion to the informal sector.

16. Is entirely BLACK owned and operated. The bulk of its “shareholders” have no formal business training or certification.

Why is the following happening?

It doesn’t own any meaningful stake in the petroleum industry, though it’s one of the largest users. It clocks over 20 billion kilometres per annum, which is the equivalent of 25 000 trips to the moon.

It doesn’t own any meaningful stake in the vehicle finance and insurance industry?

It doesn’t own any meaningful stake in the vehicle aftermarket industry?

Though it moves 15 million people in two daily round trips, it is constantly harassed by the police and traffic authorities and experiences systemic and structural racism through racial profiling, wanton fining, arrests, and unlawful imprisonment. 

If a white-owned consortium was responsible for moving almost 3 quarters of the economy to work, schools, colleges, and universities daily, would it experience similar harassment, or would it be provided with the type of institutionalized credence white farmers are so used to receiving?

Surely raising a sovereign bond to recapitalize the industry where all the stakeholders can benefit would be the shortest answer. This neat instrument is routinely used by this government and it’s SOE’s?

Why are they dealt with by both the Apartheid regime and a democratically elected ANC government in the harshest terms, as if they are a suspected foreign invader?

Think of it in these terms, the rail and bus companies are heavily subsided by the government but achieves less than half of its (the taxi industry’s) outputs? 

Yes comrades, by now you would’ve figured it is the much-maligned TAXI INDUSTRY I’m referring to. 

Isn’t it weird that you (the government and white people) vilify the whole industry in the most egregious racial frames, treating taxi drives like hated philistines, but relied on the same black philistines to midwife a democracy, regularly vote in a peaceful manner, meet their normal civic duties and not burn down THIS country in the face of a slow-motion type of economic genocide in post-Apartheid…?

For the naysayers, white supremacist apologists and the other flotsam and jetsam of the walking dead, (people who don’t even know they’re not thinking because things falling out of their mouths feels so much like thinking). 

1. White people were the aggressors during colonialism, Apartheid, during the negotiated settlement period and still, today exhibit violent tendencies.

2. Remember the storming of the Kempton Park World Trade Centre on the 25th of June 1993, by the AFV and the AWB? God, they even defecated on the delegates’ tables. It was a planned demonstration of disrespect because they made sure to bring enough toilet paper with. 

3. Remember the invasion of Bophuthatswana on the 11th March 1994, again by the AWB? 42 residents of Mafikeng were randomly executed by their members. Of course what the press doesn’t tell you is that the remaining fleeing member’s bakkies were loaded with appliances and furniture, just in time for the upcoming Xmas.  

4. More recently, remember the Boeremag members who were sentenced to imprisonment for treason in as late as October 2013?

Of course, it suites the white capital class, the billionaire oligarchy, and a captured and purchased ANC government, through the white-owned and controlled mass media to employ the best of Edward Bernays teachings to keep painting our black people as volatile, dangerous savages and our white people as the angelic fragile, nervous hostages in a strange, hard to understand foreign land…..