For most of my earthly life, I lived with these regrets.

It was like a millstone hanging around my neck. 

These regrets you could say murdered my soul and my dreams. 

I just couldn’t break those shackles that bound me. 

It felt as if I was some kind of prisoner with invisible steel doors and windows.

I always blamed someone for my misfortune in this life, but I never looked at myself and saw where I went wrong.

Every day I walked these lonely streets with a gloomy, tired face. 

I always blamed the world because I believed it owed me something, but in truth, it didn’t owe me a dime or penny.

In my mind, I thought that all those doors that used to be open remained closed because of my attitude towards life.

Not even a light guided my footsteps; I was always in total darkness. I always felt that hell was opening its ugly jaws just to swallow me and never to return.

Every day was this battle with myself; I was David, and those regrets were the Goliaths of ancient fables. But in truth, I never won this battle.

My soul was drowning in a river of dark, murky, filthy water. If only I could change my ways instead of having this terrible self-righteous attitude. 

All my life, I pointed fingers at others, never once thinking about what did I do wrong. My whole body is covered with this iniquity that not even I can erase.

There is no justice for me!

I am a prisoner unto myself. I am so steeped in the past that I have no joy in my life. 

Yes, the future is so far away from me that I am blinded by her greetings. 

I hope I can and have time to resurrect myself and start over.