The definition of a Restraining Order:

A restraining order is an order used by a court to protect a person, business, company, establishment, or entity, and the general public, in a situation involving alleged domestic violence, assault, harassment, stalking, or sexual assault.

Given that the definition includes assault and harassment it would seem almost appropriate that protection orders be dished out to black and brown people, the moment they are born.

With violence both physical and verbal being used as a daily form of communication worldwide, black and brown people should have some reassurance that they will be safe.

The South African Human Rights Commission is overwhelmed by the number of cases of racism and I am sure it’s the same the world over.

Imagine if some “Karen” came up to you as they do and start harassing you for being black you could then whip out the protection order where they will know that the piece of paper would mean trouble for them. This could be done on social media platforms too.

Of course, given the brutality of police officers both here and in the States, it would be a deterrent and hopefully save black and brown lives.

Imagine a world where some right-wing racist spews their hate and vitriol on you, one could show them the paper and voila they stop and if they don’t it’s jail time for them. While some wouldn’t care and continue regardless, most would not want to have a criminal record for racism, lose their jobs, and so forth.

It would almost be like a “safe passage” or safer passage through life.

Of course, there will be those who will want to kill and harm black and brown people regardless of the consequences and will be so consumed by their hate that they would spend a lifetime in prison for their crimes.

I would like to believe that eventually, overt racism would be rooted out but given the state of our world, it would take nothing short of a miracle for this to be realized.

Overt racism, microaggressions, and hate are so tiresome. Black and brown people need protection from this. It would be so freeing and would allow them the freedom that up until now has only been dreamt of in their minds. Black mothers could wave their children goodbye, safe, and secure in the knowledge that they will return home, unharmed.

Unfortunately, this remains a dream, a wish, and no doubt even if they were granted protection orders, some white people would no doubt cry out how unfair and biased the protection order is, given that they tend to shout louder and cry “reverse racism” when a black person is prejudiced or hateful towards them.

For now, it remains a dream that one day all black and brown people, especially children would have a safe passage through life.