Many years ago, I left my birthplace searching for new adventures- something that would tame this wondering soul of mine.

I packed my bags and left home!  I arrived in this city, not knowing what to expect from it. I was amazed at its vastness! I couldn’t get enough of this unknown city that I still had to explore!

As time went by, I got to know this city well- its people were so down to earth!  I befriended some of them, and they showed me their kind of world.

I couldn’t get enough of this city with all its diverse cultures and creeds. One day I made a pact with myself to return to the town that “birthed” me and retire there.

I lived in this city for more than twenty years. Then longed for the city of my natural birth. I left this city and returned home.

But my home didn’t want me anymore! I felt like an alien invading its space. Some people welcomed me back, but others treated me as if I was a lowlife criminal.

I still love this city and my people! I still have a lot of respect for the brothers and sisters I grew up with who were still selling their fruit, vegetables, fish and chips, and so on.

A smile would crease my face because that is my people and, nothing had changed from that point of view. They would always have a special place in my heart.

As for retiring there, once again, I packed my bags, and hopefully, my next adventure is waiting for me. 

There is always a certain vibe amongst them. I pray that one day soon, I can return and rest my weary spirit by the timeless virgin ocean.