Ubiquitous maker of the universe

Without whom nothing manufactured

is manufactured. 

Monarch which reserves the prerogative

To pass over to homo sapiens

The prerogative to make unilateral decisions…

With which he affected spaces,

Flesh and celestial faces,

Help us to run with patience.

The LORD said to my Lord,

Be seated at my right hand

Until I make your enemies your footstool.

Which foot was ointmented,

And dried up with hair

And for which the alabaster box was broken

Like a dejected spirit,

Or like injured words

The son of the Ph D

Vowed never to have spoken.

Pandora’s box was broken

Like Rahab in pieces

As one that slain.

Godspeed, we’re in a fast lane

Help us to run with patience 

Consuming fire which easily

Overwhelms a combustible spirit,

Engulf this flammable spirit

Which easily catches conflagration. 

And the house of Jacob shall be a fire

And the house of Joseph shall be a flame. 

And while we re-enact Moses’ (George) Bush, 

And are perpetually cleft

Between the Judge of all

And the mediator of the new covenant, 

And are constantly set to become

Ten thousand demon chasers 

To the extraterrestrial,

Where they marvel at the firmament

But look downward with dejection

Because false-allegiance is never truthful,

She lies with the deceased,

And where they claim to

Possess constellation in the palm like a book

And read it like a Gypsy, 

And where they laud the universe 

Because they genuinely convinced that 

She is self-existent. 

I invoke, 

In that, one, deep and inscrutable singular name, 

Help us to run with patience.