Once upon a time, there was a girl child

Who embraced life and played even if she was a bit wild.

People noticed her and said she had sad eyes.

Never looking deeply enough to ask why

Why her eyes held trouble and turmoil for all to see

Not knowing someone had put salt in her tea.

The tea that she loved no longer tasted the same.

From the day he touched her and said, “Let’s play a game.”

She yearned to play the games she knew of outside.

But listened to him when he said it’s better to hide.

She remembers the first time he gave her a kiss.

She felt smothered and shamed and turned her head, hoping he would miss.

And stop the game she didn’t enjoy.

But he fooled her to secrecy, that was his ploy.

She cried and tried so hard hoping someone would see

That the monster called friend had put salt in her tea.

The tea was so bitter, as was her life,

When he was around treating her like a wife.

“She’s rude and unruly,” she heard people say

Without realizing she was not okay.

She hid her plaits and pretended to be a boy.

So “friends” like him would no longer enjoy

Access to her body when they were alone.

Never noticing she had turned to stone.

She hid behind bravery and cried silently at night.

And prayed that soon he would get a fright.

By someone asking, “What are you doing, I want to see.”

Even though it was too late, the salt was already in her tea.

Her first unwanted kiss was at six,

Her mind could not fathom why he was in the mix.

In the mix with children so young and small

While he was the giant that looked so tall

“Please stop,” she would scream silently.

Life for her had changed because he put salt in her tea.

She added extra sugar to make her life sweet.

But in the end, had to admit defeat.

He took away her trust in mankind.

And as she grew up, people around her remained blind.

To her shame, anger and hurt for the world to see

But it was too late because he had put salt in her tea.