Along time ago a young man was strolling along the endless stretch of the Atlantic Seaboard. He was very deep in thought. But he couldn’t help noticing those gentle waves crashing against those huge timeless jutted rocks.

A thought crossed his mind, how peaceful does this beautiful icy, cold blue ocean look. Compared to me or mortal man. He stood over there and began to admire her exquisite charm.but not for long.

So many thoughts began to race through his mind. He thought to himself, imagine this ocean had a soul like us human beings or maybe it has one. Who knows? 

This ocean has traits identical to man. One day it can be so peaceful and other times extremely temperamental. 

I wonder if this ocean isn’t seeking some form of peace instead of being daily violated because of man’s ultimate greed.

I guess the ocean is like me, searching for some form of identification but hasn’t found it yet.

I am a lonely soul walking these endless plains with no rest. My weary body requires that rest but where must I lay my tired worn out soul?

Even the name that my parents gave me means nothing to me. Society might know me but what is that to me when it means absolutely nothing.

I am tired of fighting with myself and seeing these invisible shackles around me. Nobody wants to hear my sorrowful story. I am like a ghost with no frame or body. 

It is as if I am continually going through a cold, black vortex with no means of escaping.

Where will this body of mine take me I have simply no idea or clue? Maybe it will surprise me? 

Yes, still today I am fighting with myself I have yet to find that peace hopefully I will until we meet again somewhere over the eternal waters.