For years I have wondered to myself, who is society? Is it a band of people that sits in some office at some desk writing these laws that people must abide by?

For thousands of years, humans were ruled by this unseen society. A society that mere men never saw or heard of. It predicts our every move since birth. 

In other words, we have no say in the matter, we must just follow or lag behind. It predicts what we must wear, what schools to attend, what higher tertiary education we must go for, which job we should apply for, which husband or wife to marry, what size shoe to wear or clothes to wear. Even what church to attend, even if we don’t like it.

Which area to live in and the kind of car to drive. Even our grandparents and their parents were slaves to this society. That chain has not yet been broken. It still binds us as if we are some dangerous criminals or outcasts.

In truth, those shackles will never be broken no matter how much we rebel against this unfair and unjust society. Even in death, it predicts where our mortal bodies must be buried.

You can’t fight it or ignore it nor can you kill it because it has no soul and it is faceless. It is like a big brother watching your every move. 

My heart sinks to the depths of this vast ocean of ours when I think about the aged that can’t afford to live in his society on the meagre pension they receive.

Some of us have worked so hard all our lives trying to save some money but even that is taken away from us by this cruel society in the form of the taxman.

Indeed we all are slaves to this society.