War and Warfare in the States:

The first great event: Since 1937, America religiously celebrates the annual holiday of Christopher Columbus, the genocidal Spanish explorer of Italian descent who putatively “discovered” America on the 2nd of October in 1492. His proclivity for mass-murders was soon evident when he systematically wiped out the 250 000 member Arawaks, an indigenous native Indian tribe of Hispaniola, the island that they had occupied for centuries. Contrary to what revisionist historians teaches us, only a small percentage of the tribe was killed by the transmission of European diseases, euphemistically known as “Old World” diseases because of their lack of biological immunity. Instead, once the intentions of the colonialists became clear, the Arawaks actually took great measures to escape their own inevitable genocide. This event, deliberately started by Christopher Columbus in his megalomaniacal search for gold was an ominous portend for the future national ambitions of the United States and a visage or snapshot of its distant national economy. Arguably, it introduced two elements into the American psychology at the point of its birth; it combined the elements of murder and profit-making into a murder for profit pathology and normalized it, soon it would become part of American national strategic thinking. 

The second great event: Barely 100-years after birth or shall we say the “discovery and establishment” of America, the first African slaves were brought to the colonies for forced labour on the cotton fields and this period would last for over 300-years, almost single-handedly destroying the slave population and adversely affecting both the future economic prospects for countless generations of former slaves because of systemic, institutionalized, structural racism and simultaneously future generations of Africans because of the loss of 25-million able-bodied youths and the introduction of chauvinistic tribalism, a distinctly and deeply European pathology. 

The institution of slavery introduced and entrenched the following elements into the life and discourses of America that will help form the foundations for the nation far into its future and even defined in its much vaunted constitution in the 13th Amendment.

The immorality of “1st generation capitalism, because it favours all white people first and provides them with the sociopsychological capital of white privilege. A social phenomenology that confers enormous social capital on all white people of European descent, which provides them with advantages over other race groups 

The sociopsychological expectation from white people that black and brown peoples labour should be free, or at least very cheap

The irrational expectation that aggravated assaults, rape and murders of both black men and women is morally redeemable because it is such a cornerstone of the American social pathology, and ingrained in its sociohistorical record 

Therefore, the dehumanisation of black and brown people can be justified through the institutionalized weaponisation of white culture against them (Black and brown people), and the continued segmentation of the American population via racism, whiteness and white supremacy into a distinctive economic caste system

An entitled national pathology of seeking free labour and the control of global resources important to the stability of white hegemonic power in other areas of the world, and the expansion of empire 

The pathology of American “exceptionalism” read white exceptionalism, is grounded in the reality that no white person, organisation or institution was ever held morally and materially liable for the genocide of slavery. In other words, as long as you’re white you will probably get away with murder, read white privilege, but it certainly helps if you have money because that affords you good legal representation, a “win-win” situation…

To be continued