Oh society, society 

Where are your children now?

Every day they are found sleeping at shopping malls, at the doors of churches, bus shelters and anywhere they can lay their head.

I have often wondered where their parents are.

And I can’t come up with an answer that explains their dreary lives.

Oh my children please tell me who chased you away from your homes as if you committed some horrible crime.

Mother Nature is merciless with its violent winter storms and harsh summers. 

In truth society has already judged and sentenced you to life on these cruel, unforgiving roads.

Some of you pass me by and I can see the scars on your bone weary bodies and your pain seems as deep as the ocean.

Society calls you scavengers because you raid their dustbins for something to eat. Some of you are addicted to man-made poisons and that life is the only one you know.

Some of you pray that the winters must be kinder so you don’t have to scatter for shelter. Life is hard because the first one who arrives at a comfortable corner is the one that gets to stay there. 

While the rest must sleep wherever they find a space!

If they find a space!

There are no warm blankets to cover fragile frames and all I see are cardboard boxes covering you, while you try to keep warm.

Society chases you away as if you are some kind of criminal! 

They don’t see beyond the dirty clothes and tired eyes. 

Perhaps because they don’t want to!

My heart cries for you night and day! 

I think about your dreams and aspirations and wonder what happened to them. 

I guess reality came and took it away, never to return again. 


How cruel society has become to let those children roam the dirty, dusty roads. 

Don’t you have a heart?  

Some of them die on these roads you consider yours. 

There is no money for a decent burial! 

I wonder if they’re are not just thrown into one massive hole, with no loved ones to sing hymns or pray to send them to their final resting place.

I hope society one day you will change and they will be more than just forgotten.