Police Brutality:

With the constant attacks and “accidental” killings of especially black people in the States, it would seem, at least to some white people, all black people need to do to stay alive is to comply when stopped by a police officer.

Let’s pretend people like the late Philando Castille got out of his vehicle. According to white people, he would be alive today if he simply got out, or so some racists would have us believe. The same could be said about George Floyd. Let us not recall the brutal deaths of Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice etc.

Who was not inside vehicles at the time of their murders!

In America, a black person driving a vehicle is targeted by police officers for failing to signal, broken taillight, and so on. There’s a myriad of reasons why they are initially pulled over. Again, white people would suggest they should just not ask any questions about why they were pulled over! Why they are being asked to step out of their vehicles, and they should offer to have their cars and their persons searched, not be “mouthy,” and they will get out of the situation alive.

Except that’s a lie!

Being stopped “while driving” is an excuse; a “reason” police officer’s use for pulling them over. The police officers could then trump up a few reasons why they were pulled over and begin the steps to harm or murder them.

There’s an easy way for black and brown people to live, and that is not to drive, isn’t it? They could use public transport or walk to where they needed to go. But while they are walking, what happens when they are stopped by police officers holding a bag of skittles like Trayvon Martin and eventually murdered? So maybe they should not drive and should not walk? Perhaps they should stay home to stay alive! But what if they are in their homes and police come knocking? What then? If they don’t answer, the police will break down the door to enter- and if they do open the door, they could be killed or harmed for whatever reason the police decide.

This narrative of “comply or die” is violent and racist because so many black people have complied and were still killed or been arrested. The police departments are filled with white supremacists who can’t wait to go “hunting” to harass black and brown and poor people. Based on the videos on social media, those police officers get off on it.

Years ago, bloodthirsty plantation owners would round up posse’s to hunt down slaves who have escaped. They derived sadistic pleasure from these hunts, and of course, there was only one outcome once the slaves were caught; assault, rape or murder. Black and brown people have become endangered species, like the rhino. But unlike the rhino, no funds or worldwide organisations are screaming, “Save them!”

Instead, there are reasons put forward, why they had to die or be arrested even if they are only 9 years old (as seen in Rochester, New York, where police officers pepper-sprayed and handcuffed a black girl).

There is no doubt in my mind that this could stop if white people wanted it to. After all, they are the ones in positions of power to effect changes. So ask yourself why it’s so easy for white people after all the deaths and incidences of police violence to sit in their comfortable homes and say, “you should just comply.”

This has never been about black and brown people driving vehicles or failing to signal etc., and everything to do with the colour of their skin.