Stop bringing up the subject of race you say

It fills you with guilt and dismay

I’m confused and something is definitely out of whack

Because I can’t recall introducing myself as black

From the moment I was born and you saw my face

You put me in a box when you brought up race

“You’re not like them,” I hear you say often

Expecting that with what isn’t a compliment that my heart will soften

To the microagressions, I’m constantly subjected to

And staring like I’m alien then threatening to sue

Me when I call you racist

Which you vehemently deny by retorting fascist

You bring up my race 

When I am at my workplace

And crowd me and start by keeping me in line

Expecting that I will be fine

With remarks and gestures designed to harm

Wrapped up in sweet words designed to charm

Me and keep me in my place

Each time you decide what someone of my race

Is capable of which in your opinion isn’t much

When you infantilize my elders by speaking in tones that indicate such

Superiority you feel when you stand next to me

And bring up my race so I can see

That we are not alike of with my hue darker than yours

And based on that you decide I am filled with flaws

Flaws you think are genetic and of old

You bring up my race and try to get me sold

On the idea that you’re better and know much more

Of that, you’re confident and like to ensure

That I know this every day

With actions and words, you do not say

That my race is limited to picking fruits on your farm

Never thinking how much harm

You cause by bringing up my race

Each and every time you see my face.

You can’t be better simply for a fair skin

Or think that every interaction with me is to win

And talk about how much you know

Just so you could show

Bringing up race

Strategically designed to put me in my place

When all I want, is to be me

You look at my face and race is all you see