At this rate

Your feelings of self-hate

Doesn’t help to tackle racism

Nor deal with the fascism

Sweeping the world and spreading fake news

About white superiority and dismissing black views

Your “wokeness” and self-flagellation

And words of white degradation.

Is not what black and brown people need

We cannot feed

On your sense of hating being white

When whiteness is the problem that ain’t right

Non-racialism serves to fix nothing.

Leaving black and brown people wanting

Anti-racism is the key.

Not tears and self-hate see

Cause hating yourself, and sobbing can’t bring about much-needed change.

Leaving us perpetually out of range

For better jobs and a future where we can

Live together, and have equal rights.

And together we can hold hands and fight.

All injustices that come our way

So for meaningful change, keep the tears at bay.

And realise that focussing on how bad you feel.

Doesn’t help to heal

The many scars left by people who looked at us with hate

And decided our fate.

We understand you want to make things right.

So wipe your tears, roll up your sleeves and begin to fight.

Discriminatory laws that shut us out of the economy

And socially

Treat us as if we are less than animals that roam the earth

And hate that sticks to us from birth.

Just imagine if in the face of gender-based violence.

All men do is cry and attempt to silence.

Us with their self-hate for being male

While society at large, fail

The women and children who are harmed

Cause our focus is to calm

The men, crying and hating being men.

Without lifting a finger right then

And speak up about what is bad,

But rather get mad

At being men while children cry

And women die

There’s nothing wrong with being white.

But self-hate is not a fight.

Against what we need

Please, let your actions start to lead.

By standing firm, fighting and being loud and clear

That in your presence we are safe and don’t need to fear

That we will be hurt by racists and left dying

While you stand on the sidelines, crying.