“It’s not in our policy to do you harm

So best you remain calm

When I demand to know who you are”

Because from afar

You saw my black face.

And, based on race

You judged me loudly

By saying proudly

“Get on the ground and put your hands behind your back!”

And in an instant, I went down with a whack

Your bodyslammed me to comply

But never told me why

My face needs to be in the dirt

With bruising from you that hurt

Me so much I cried out in pain

You ignored my pleas and shouted the same

Words like, “You’re under arrest!”

“So you better not test.”

“My patience today.”

“Or you will pay.”

“What did I do wrong?”

I repeat as if it’s a song

“Officer, please stop,” I cry

“You better shut up and comply.”

“Please, officer, you’re hurting my arms.”

“Ow, was that punch you gave me meant to harm?”

“Just shut up and stop resisting.”

You keep insisting

That I am fighting you when handcuffed and on the ground

With 180 pounds

Of your body weight pinning me to the ground

While I have found

That I can’t move even if I try

I don’t understand what’s happening, tell me why?

You’re kneeling on my back

When my hands are tied and my body slack,

from your weight on mine.

“Stop resisting, and you’ll be just fine.”

You scream in my ear as your knee descends

It’s on my neck, and I can’t move or defend

Myself against your brutality

“Officer, please just let me be.”

Stars are swimming in front of my eyes.

“I can’t breathe,” I whisper while you tell lies.

Your knee on my neck getting heavier each time

“You’re nothing but slime.”

You scream in my ear.

But I have gone past the point of fear.

“Oh God, let me go now,” I gasp

As you tighten your grasp

On my neck and my back

I can’t breathe as my body goes slack

Finally, I am allowed air.

But it’s too late, not that you care

I posed a threat to you in your report

I’m gone now, so I can’t retort

But I can comply, see I’m finally still

Breath from my body choked out at your will

Dragging me onto the gurney

For all to see

Spectators gasping, camera’s flashing, phones recording.

My death as if I had no value

In this life, because of the hue

Of my skin and where I stay

In life, there is a price to pay

A counterfeit note, a toy gun

Any reason is given so you can have some,

satisfaction that you have saved your kind

From people who look like me, a constant remind

That there’ll be no justice or peace

Unless the system is changed and they defund the police.

As I lie on the autopsy table

The Chief of Police ready, willing and able

To defend your action

To my communities dissatisfaction.

“It’s not our policy to harass or kill

Black people at will.”

We are here to serve and protect all and have your back

Except, it would doesn’t apply if you’re black.

Another black body to bury and cry about

While the mayor and police chief spout

Lies, to protect those in blue

Lawyers clamouring to sue

The police to make the city understand

That black people don’t have to be assaulted or killed

While driving, walking, sleeping, the list continues until…