For decades I have tried to wrap my mind around this question. 

What kind of world do we live in?

I even had endless sleepless nights pondering over it, and still, that answer would elude me. 

I don’t know why?

Then one day, I happened to stroll along some unknown beachfront, and I began to marvel at the endless ocean.

A thought crossed my mind we are surrounded by this two-thirds of pure water. I always admired it, but deep down inside of me, I was alarmed because I knew it was also dangerous.

We can revel in its timeless beauty but let’s beware, it can also take your soul with no questions asked.

Do we, as mortals, really know the world that we live in? I doubt that because it will always remain a mystery.

Some of us don’t even know that there is such a thing as the future. Because we still believe in doing things the old way and living off the land. 

There is no such thing as doctors or nurses, cars, planes, and so forth because where we live, we are one with nature. We feed off the land. 

There is no such thing as illnesses. We live a healthy, long life, and no one bothers us. 

Our homes are deep in the never-ending jungles. 

In truth, life is our ultimate teacher. We don’t need schools and universities or modern-day clothing.

Technology is unheard of in our circles. Can we really learn from them? There is no such thing as war because we live in peace.

Indeed, we live in a complicated world. 

Strange but true.