Terms and Conditions on a contract are always complicated to the person signing it. The contract is often biased and in favour of the one who wrote it and many people have found themselves bound to a contract and to terms and conditions they weren’t aware of because often they don’t read the small print.

I’m finding these days that any talks on racism from a black or brown person have to be done under strict terms and conditions black and brown people may not have been made aware of but that favours those white people who wrote it.

The terms and conditions of being a black or brown person are as follows:

For you to be welcomed into white spaces, you need to behave in a manner that is acceptable to white people.

Should you wish to have conversations about racism you need to introduce the subject calmly, taking into account white fragility.

For the black or brown person, it is only acceptable to wear your hair in styles that do not trigger white people into thinking you’re unkempt. Remember afros are not tidy and elicit extreme reactions from white people.

Black and brown people need to tone down the volume of their voices because loudness may be offensive to some white people.

When a black or brown person is killed or harmed by any white person, please note that you need to give them the benefit of the doubt that it was unintentional, they suffered from a mental illness or they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Should you as a black or brown person wish to enter primarily white spaces please leave your culture and traditions in the home you occupied before and learn to assimilate and adapt.

Remember to speak to white people in a language that they are comfortable with lest you are accused of being uncultured. It may be better if you could learn to speak their language in an accent that they are familiar with.

Black and brown people can apply for any employment provided they understand they may earn less than their white counterparts even if it’s for the same position.

You need to remember that walking in groups especially if you’re black and male may frighten white people so ensure that you are never more than two people and that you dress appropriately.

Do not under any circumstances feel offended when a white person says something offensive to you otherwise you may be labelled as angry or too sensitive.

It is in your best interest to refrain from remembering or talking about black history because it may upset some white people.

While in primarily white spaces, please note that you may be attacked, insulted or abused. Remain calm, whip out your camera and collect as much evidence as you possibly can in the event of you being asked what you did to provoke the attack.

And in the finer print:

Please note the terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. The onus is on you to familiarize yourself with any changes that may occur. Ignorance is not a valid defence. As a precautionary measure, it would be best if you as a black or brown person could have a white ally that may inform you of any changes that occurred.

Upon reading this, you bind yourself and all black and brown people that you may or may not know to the terms and conditions as set out above. Should any black or brown person fail to adhere to this contract, all black and brown people will be judged according to that.

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