South Africa is not a “first world” country!

This could be because we are based in Africa and according to colonialists and racists can never be as “civilized” and “genteel,” as the first world countries.

Our country and continent suck because according to the popular narrative, Africans are corrupt, there are dictators and we are barbaric and primitive.

I say thank goodness we aren’t part of the “civilized” first world!

If we were civilized:

We could exploit certain people through violent means to enrich ourselves for centuries and laugh while we hang them, murder them, enslave them, rape them, abuse them, and…

While doing this we could proudly steal from them and lie and murder when the victims object to that or offer any resistance.

We could evict people to let them die on the streets and callously throw them in places that have no ablution facilities, public transport or employment opportunities. And much like the lost person in the desert, dying of thirst, we would place the water out of reach of them.

In our quest for our good health and beauty treatments we could use the harshest medical treatments on them and permanently maim or kill them by subjecting them to the most horrific medical experiments, and if they die as a result, we could shrug our shoulders, line them up and dispassionately say, “next.”

We can be corrupt, racist, misogynistic, patriarchal, but we must remember to do it in our smart Savile Row outfits, to maintain our cover of civility.

We could safeguard our serial killers and mass shooters and blame it on their childhoods or maybe the online game they played. And if the body count rises from mass shootings, we could blame it on the perpetrators “having a bad day.”

(A few examples)

But we aren’t civilised so instead, we try to live on monthly wages that the civilised spend on beauty and spa treatments.

We open our “uncivilised” hearts to first world country visitors, and dance for them, “allow” them to go trophy hunting and to buy up our coastal properties and “own” our beaches.

Our policing equipment and skills aren’t sophisticated enough to deal with paedophile rings and child trafficking because we are “uncivilized” and third world.

Our third world labour is exploited to enrich the first world and when we want a liveable wage, we are shot down like the Marikana Miners. We are constantly being gaslighted by being told we should be grateful for the half a loaf we are being given.

When we dance around in our traditional wear, adhering to our customs, healing ourselves with plants and herbs from the earth, we are laughed at and told we are “backward,” or our plants and herbs and medicinal knowledge is stolen, a synthetic version is manufactured and then sold at more than triple the price back to us.  “Civilized” people ridicule us until they need to appropriate our goods or aspects of our lives.

We are so uncivilised that we are taught to be kind, generous and loving and to help out where we can. Often our kindness works to our disadvantage because in 1994 we forgave white people and look where we are now! Racists have become emboldened in their hate for black and brown people. I recall how civilized that police officer looked as he pressed his knee further into the uncivilised George Floyds neck.

I am grateful that I hail from a country that is “backwards,” third world and uncivilized. 

I am uncivilized, backward, and third world, but the one thing I am proud to display is our love for each other and our respect for the land and all who live in it.