Every day in my dreams or when I am walking I see this closed door in front of me with no keyhole inside that door. I cannot phantom why I am seeing this door? 

My whole life is haunted by this closed-door I do not know where it comes from? Why doesn’t that door leave me alone? 

Yes, I have always lived my own life.  I made my own rules and I lived by it no one could convince me otherwise. 

Yet unbeknown to me deep down I was once broken and tortured soul crying out for some kind of mercy. I always thought that I was the ruler of my own life. But I was so wrong. 

Even going to church in my mind was futile and a waste of time. Yes, I became the biggest hypocrite to walk this face of this earth.

Man looked at me with the utmost scorn and contempt. They began to scandal behind my back and laugh at me.

Still today that door remains closed and I guess only I can open it but the change must come from me first. 

I began to judge man for no reason at all and criticize him or her as if I was born with this magical golden spoon in my mouth.

In truth, I classified myself as cut above the rest. I couldn’t see my faults in front of me because I was to blind to see them. 

It seemed that there was some unknown dark cloud covering my eyes.