Jacob Zuma’s 5th July 2016, hasty, hubris statement that “the ANC will rule till Jesus comes” angered the head honchos at Shell House, not because of vigorous protests from the churches as a result of it being somewhat mildly blasphemous, but because it exposed the ANC’s long-term strategy of staying in power for generations to come. 

An example to you; Jacob Zuma actually exposed the ANC’s abilities to meet the people’s needs by declaring “free education” for all on the eve of his unceremonious departure from its ranks. It is this more than anything else that’s made him a pariah, not his corruption tendencies, they could live with that, but it’s is the fact that he exposed them again. Sadly, most political pundits missed this one, perhaps because like the Iraqi war correspondents from CNN, they are too embedded in the system. 

They started working on this strategy soon after the election win in 1994, but it gained ground under Thabo Mbeki who surrounded himself with an impressive circle of the black intelligentsia, special interest groups and powerful white business people who shared the same vision as him. This is to say, a business-friendly government is good for business and it is in the interest of business to make sure it is around for a very long time.  

They have a deliberately designed “pro-poor” policy, by this I mean they have determined that the myth and romanticism of a freedom fighting movement go hand-in-hand with a “fixed” percentage poor of the population of the country. This means that most of the people must actually be kept poor else the ANC loses its credentials.

The rhetoric of the ANC is covered with 60’s and 70’s revolutionary, shall we say a type of Guevara, Cabral language that reinforces the mentality of the helpless black person and the hero bush fighter who has sacrificed it all for the liberation of his downtrodden peoples.

They deliberately behave as if they not really in power, so they create the impression that they are governing under duress, until such time that the real landlord arrives.

They use systemic corruption as a strategy to empower a cabal to help resource and fund the party machinery. In a sense, the state is being used as a financial pipeline for their political activities, including funding their election campaigns.

They collaborate with powerful media and big business interests to promote the narrative of a “necessary ANC” else society as we know it will collapse. Applying Everitt Roger’s “Law of Diffusion of Innovation” that if enough people believe the hype, they will automatically vote for the ANC, thus securing for the party the longevity it covets. 

They have a collaborative co-dependent and deeply embedded partnership strategy with the white capital class and big business through passing cooperative “sweetheart” legislation and through long-term state and SOE SLA’s, Service Level Agreements. The former then have incentives to fund their election campaigns and keep them in power. A type of “better the devil you know” game.  

With the enablement of the state media and white-owned mass media, they successfully use the “poor girlfriend” (black people) pathology on their electoral base. This can be described as treating the poor as the poor girlfriend by not spoiling her, but rather giving her things in small increments, but promising to do better the next time around which wins her sympathies. Basically, don’t buy her expensive dinners, it may upset her tummy because she’s not used to that type of foods. Conversely, the “rich girlfriend” (white people) sees herself as having more options, is used to a certain lifestyle and won’t tolerate that type of behaviours. This is a type of “emotional abuse” carried out on a mass scale. This provides the ANC with a powerful excuse to remain inter-generationally relevance and a compelling reason to stay in power till “Christ comes.” 

They use commissions to subvert the law like Trump and successive US presidents use the presidential pardons. With commissions of inquiry, the party is seen to be doing something about systemic corruption, whilst appointing favoured comrades to head up these legal “shell games,” but there’s no requirement for the ANC president to take direct action against the perpetrators named in the final report as has been the case in the past. 

The strategy of applying for sporting events to take place in the country, a modern form of “bread and circuses” is to keep the masses distracted but also to demonstrate ANC negotiating prowess, how much they care for the people and to keep the Tutian mythology of “Rainbowism” alive. So effective is this strategy that one is made to feel unpatriotic if you question the “unity because we won” narrative. 

Cadre deployment is used as a type of “backup or failsafe” device should they (the ANC) be in danger of losing an election. Here’s how; they can leverage power with the new administration by threatening to paralyse the state and the SOE’s. This will allow them to negotiate favourable/key positions for themselves in the new government and reinvent themselves much like the National party re-treaded into the DA; this is straight out of the old National Party’s playbook.