Some people still live in the ancient past. It is like a tight vacuum around their mortal bodies. They live, breathe,  sleep, love and wake up in that past.

They keep on playing that same record or tune over and over, and it never becomes monotonous. They’re unable to break free from the terrible haunting past.

They even blame everybody for their failures in life. Even those that have passed on many years ago. 

Yes, they keep on playing the same old music or song. They even walk in that past. Nothing reminds them about the future. 

When you visit them, the only subject that they can converse about is the past, as if the past gives them new life.

Their only motive in life is to seek revenge or answers even if that person is no more there. Old black and white photos adorn their yellow-stained walls. Even the car that they drive was manufactured many years ago.

There’s not even a smile that creases their face it’s just one pitiful face. They still did not remove the torn and broken invisible mask that is plastered on their face. 

No one can console them because they’re always judgemental, hypocritical and self-righteous.

They live in a river of sheer utter darkness where no light can penetrate it. They are even selfish unto themselves.

Day in and day out, they have become prisoners unto themselves; with no chance of parole. Even the light runs far away from them. 

The churches doors remain close to them as if their iniquities cannot be forgiven. They are even too scared to go to the shopping malls for fear of been ridiculed.

They cannot get rid of the ancient dust on their feet because it cannot be washed away. Even love and happiness evades them as if they are some criminal.

Sadly, they even die in that past.

Even the books that they read are of the past. There is no joy in their earthly life, just one constant battle with the past.

They seek justice for crimes that others committed against them even though they don’t know that person. 

I leave this thought with them hope they change and stop blaming others.