No, get the movie of the same title out of your head with the late Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner; although this article is about protection if not physical body guarding.

Presidents the world over have bodyguards to protect them from harm because assassination attempts are likely. We need only remember the late John F. Kennedy and the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan when he was President. There are of course more, but bodyguarding isn’t only confined to Presidents or Prime Minister’s because the late Pope John Paul II also had an assassination attempt on his life. Famous people and very wealthy business people have bodyguards to protect them, and in most cases, the need for protection is understood. These bodyguards are highly trained and well paid since the job is a risk to their lives. 

In most cases, no one would offer to protect someone for little or no remuneration, so why is it that the average white person, earning an average income, living in an average house does this?

The bodyguarding of white supremacists and wealthy capitalists is done by this average, this almost nondescript person, who has decided to place their life on the line to maintain and uphold a system that dishes out a few extra dollars, and a thank you for their efforts.

They will believe that black and brown people are out to get them because the racist said so and will then make their own lives miserable on the promise of a few dollars more.

They will uphold the system of white supremacy and guard it with their lives while the system tosses the few promises at them. The obscenely wealthy white person exploits, abuses and underpays their black and brown workers until one day when the workers finally fight back, the wealthy person cries foul and gathers their bodyguards aka the average Joe or Chad and Karen, who willingly guard them and their ideals for free. They will cry in innocence and hold up a plaque of the charities they support while conveniently forgetting to mention their abuse of their workers.

So eager are these average people that they believe in the lie that not only are they superior to black and brown people but that one day the wealthy will open their doors to allow them inside. When that happens, finally they can be just like them in more than skin colour.

These bodyguards will kill for the supremacist’s beliefs and wealthy, never thinking or asking themselves why the wealthy aren’t standing with them in the trenches, getting their hands dirty too. The mind manipulation is so effective that these bodyguards will arm themselves and storm federal buildings and even lay down their lives. While in the meantime, the supremacist and the wealthy person is sipping their chai latté calmly watching the ensuing fallout in the comfort of their million-dollar home surrounded by professional bodyguards that are trained and paid to protect them and their families.

The promises that are made by these people to the average Chad or Karen is enough to drive them into a lifetime of therapy, and consumption of over the counter medication when their livelihoods are threatened, not by the man on top that lives in the mansion, but by the mere belief that it is the black and brown person beneath or next door to them.

Imagine what a blissful life we could all have if these Chad’s and Karen’s refused to safeguard the wealthy and joined hands with black and brown people to overthrow the power the wealthy have; To share the resources of the planet because there is enough for all of us? 

The bodyguard in the suburb has for centuries served as unpaid protection to greedy capitalists masquerading as caring bosses and white supremacists spouting an imagined superiority while slowly being driven to insanity by all the hate.

Chad and Karen pay the price of being bodyguards with their lives because no one that is consumed and lives with hate can ever be happy.