You don’t carry heavy guns or fetch bonds to arrest the perpetrators or drive through sandy deserts for miles on end.

But you are the modern-day bounty hunter, and with your tongue, you judge man and swing that judgement sword.

Who are you to judge man’s iniquities or faults when you are too blind to see your own.

Every day you sing that same tune over and over, but nothing has changed by you.

It’s like you wearing the same clothes no matter what day it is.

You have become like a prisoner in your own body. Even the sands of Mother Nature don’t want you. It discards you like a piece of paper.

A long time ago, a wise man once said, “do not judge!” 

But we still do it.  Time and time again.

When will we as a human race learn that lesson? 

Even the dead cannot escape your ultimate wrath. From sunrise to sunset, you wear that invisible facial mask.