Cancel culture was well-intentioned.

With names of predators like Harvey Weinstein mentioned.

The Me Too movement managed to create awareness,

Of calling out people like Bill Cosby in all fairness

Social media became a place where predators were called out.

Knowing that their days were numbered so they could no longer flout,

the laws that they continued transgressing.

And their subsequent jail sentences were seen as a blessing.

In ridding society of people who cause untold harm

Whilst showing the public that they  could charm

The lawyers, the media and everyone alike

So mobs would turn on the victims and start to fight.

Believing the bad person and supporting them,

When victims were harassed by choosing when

To call out the names of those that did wrong.

Even R Kelly with his lyrics in a song

Indicating to the public just how much he was at fault

Being brave enough never to hide his deeds in a vault

We cheered and danced to cancel culture

But one day, without realizing we became the vulture

And picked on people we didn’t like very much

Believing those that had scores to settle with such

Viciousness and violence we tore into the one we found transgressed

What we stated was our rules even when we messed

And upended the lives of family members

Calling out irrespective of their genders

Or age and innocence such was the plan

To destroy not only the man

But everything he stood for with no opportunity to defend

His side of the story that wasn’t the end

goal of the cancel culture brigade.

Never to seek the truth or why allegations were made.

We wanted them to suffer because we said

Even if they ended up dead

As a result of taking their own lives

Revelling in the fact that at least our knives

Were part of the weapons that killed and destroyed a life

We sat back with glee and sharpened our knife.

Waiting patiently for the next “perp” to go viral

Not giving a damn that these allegations spiral,

Out of control as it did with Johnny Depp

We needed to do more than just destroy his rep.

He was meant to suffer because of Amber Heard.

With no chance of telling people what had occurred

That he was the victim of abuse and greed

Cancel culture needed to feed

On his pain without further thought

Of what his abuser had brought

To him from the first hello

Cancel culture had begun to hit below,

The belt when dealing with one story

Not stopping when faced with evidence to the contrary.

Cancel culture was good until some bad people joined.

Calling out those they didn’t like as it was coined.

Social media became a warm place to hide.

While wars raged on and destroyed the inside

Of the person who chose to do good

But with precision, the lies ensued.

And now we use hashtags to say they must fall. 

And in those fallen there are innocents who are trying to call,

And put an end to the cancel culture that wants to destroy

Not the lies, or who is at the bottom of the ploy

But people like you and me,

Who suddenly

Become targets of hate and contempt

Who is met with silence and ghosting when trying to attempt,

To defend the hate that others use,

When first we shouted abuse

Cancel culture has changed from inside.

It’s become a playground where bullies and trolls reside,

Damaging the psyche of people with no thought or worry

That truth has a way of getting out, and by the time it does, it’s often too late to say, “I’m sorry.”