I am sitting and relaxing on my black and white ceramic tiled veranda with a glass of Remy Martin and a Cuban cigar in my left hand.
I can feel a warm breeze blowing.
I am enjoying my solitude just watching people going about their day.

I don’t have a care in the world.
It’s only me and my thoughts.
I have worked hard and slaved away for years.
Now I can embrace this moment without feeling any guilt.
This is the life I dreamt of since I can recall dreaming.

It seemed as if even Mother Nature was at peace.
My dogs are soaking up this moment, basking in the sunshine.
In my euphoric state I happen to gaze at the horizon.
All I saw were these dark, looming clouds moving over.

It didn’t bother me at all as I was at peace with the world.
I looked again at those clouds slowly covering the once blue skies.
I went inside to top up my drink and have another cigar.

Suddenly the warm weather was gone and a strong, violent wind started blowing.
It shattered most of my kitchen windows.
I heard heavy sounds of thunder sounding like the beating on ancient drums.
In haste I ran towards the lounge area and looked through those windows.

I was surrounded by total darkness, a darkness so deep I could not even see in front of me.
Peals of lightning could be seen dancing across the sky.

Was this some kind of omen?
Then the mighty heavens opened and all hell broke loose.
Heavy Rains began to pour down like a volcano erupting.

Mother Nature like a scorned woman, spewing her anger across the fields and seeming to swallow everything that crossed her path like a ferocious, hungry animal.
The ocean was permanently in a state of moodiness.

For months the rains kept on as if it was cleansing all our sins.
Not a sign of man could be seen.
Nothing was sacred by that terrible storm.
In its wake of her path was total destruction and mayhem.
Graves were no more graves it was just one massive stretch of wetland and nothing else.

The storm caused untold damage to this planet Earth we call home.
In my mind I thought it was judgment day.
Then that storm abated and that glorious sun started to appear.
Suddenly it went back to the calm before the storm.