One day a young man out of the blue approached me as I was strolling along this lonely road.

As the conversation continued, it was slowly but surely boring me to the point of death. Somehow though, I felt deep down in my soul that this person was trying to tell me something. What it was, I could not say! 

Somewhere along the line, that same conservation became heated like an erupting volcano.

Back and forth, various views on life and everyday things; it felt as if we couldn’t agree on anything or sit around the same table.

Minutes turned to hours but still no solution. After days of thrashing it out, we eventually came to some sort of agreement. 

Even though we sat on opposite sides of an insurmountable fence. No man can force you to think the way they do.

Because even though we are one human race, we don’t think like it. That makes us unique.

In other words, we all cannot cross that same bridge at the same time. It will eventually give in.

The choices we make in this life determine our life’s character.