Years ago I left this city to seek my fortune somewhere else. I was ready to leave my footprints embedded in the timeless sands of this city.

I thought I was the best and mores the pity because as

I stood on the platform waving goodbye to this city. A gentle breeze blowing in my face. I waited impatiently for my train to arrive to pick up the pace.

An elderly lady spoke to me and wanted to know where I was going.  

I told her I am going to start a new life. And if luck would have it even find myself a wife. I am off to some unknown city and as she wished me everything of the best.

I couldn’t help but feel that maybe heading west was not the best idea I had.

But on the way to the train station, I realized that any regrets I may have would only make me sad.

My train arrived on time and as I boarded the train a smile began to crease my face and suddenly I began to pick up the pace. Ready to begin a new chapter somewhere far away, knowing that in this city, I could no longer stay.

For two and a half days I was on that train. Thoughts about my life both present and past swirling around in my brain.

Eventually, I arrived at my destination, full of hope and feeling good. My mood lifted as I saw the skyline of a city I thought would finally feel like mine.

Five years passed and I was enjoying my life and even met a beautiful woman I wanted to take as my wife. 

Then one day I decided to return to the old city for a very short while. I arrived in the city with a ready smile.

To my utter dismay the people I once knew treated me like a stranger.

As if I presented some imminent danger.

I expected a welcome home mat and was disappointed in the fact, that everywhere I went the doors were shut in my face. The city I once loved proving to be an utter disgrace.

The city that judged me, would not let me be. And I cried myself to sleep because it hurt. 

There was nowhere to rest my weary head or soul no matter how tired I was.

After one week of being there, I left feeling utterly distraught.

A lesson that hurt me was all that visit brought.

Even my soul began to weep as in turmoil I lost the ability to sleep.

I lived in hope of the city that disowned me would open their hearts and welcome me back into their arms but it would seem that they had no¬†qualms,about the way they treated a long lost brother

So off I went in search of another.