I am strolling down this long winding road. I have no idea where I am going to or coming from! 

Suddenly, I see this mysterious darkness forming over the vast horizon. 

Wherever I walked, it followed me.

Why is it following me like some unknown ghost? I have no idea!

I despise the wretched darkness.

No matter how fast I walked or ran, it just kept coming. All of a sudden, a thought crossed my mind it was not only the physical darkness that I was scared of, but I was more scared of the darkness of my soul.

My soul was pitch black from the constant iniquities I kept repeating. There was no redemption for me. I was like a lost soul doomed to this everlasting darkness and pain.

I was already judged by unjust laws! 

Every time I heard this voice inside my head, “you don’t belong here.” Was it merely my overactive imagination. I could not tell.

Did I go to that place of eternal pain and misery, you decide?