16th December is The Day of Reconciliation

Where all of us as a nation

Are meant to pretend that we have unity

While black and brown people continue to die with impunity.

The Afrikaner called it the Day of the Vow

Where we are meant to believe that somehow

470 of them killed 10 000 at the Battle of Blood River

As if the Zulu people were waiting inline.

And one by one stood quietly waiting for their time

To die, so the Afrikaner could claim victory

This is what we are told with the erasing of black history.

Then the year after democracy in 1995

We are told to aspire and seek peace in our life

By holding hands even when we are hated

And laughed at and humiliated.

We opt for just one day to celebrate

As Thanksgiving is in the States

Excluding history and being asked to thrive in hate and violence

Maintaining  our silence

Of what was and continues to this day

Perhaps there is a way

We can successfully reconcile

And through the pain offer up a smile

When the damage done is finally acknowledged, and equality and justice is meted out

Without the racists proudly walking about

And humiliating our future generation

Then crying out when the majority of the nation

notice that nothing much has changed and how much is lost

Always at the cost

Of black and brown lives and their health

Conveniently forgetting that the wealth

Is not in the victim’s hands and something isn’t right

When those that have privilege only because they’re white

Go about their lives as if nothing is amiss

Living their lives in absolute bliss

Ignoring the part, they have to play

In the continued oppression to this day

Of the majority of people of our nation

Then extending their hand for only one day of Reconciliation.

Expecting by some miracle that we will be ok

And that come what may

We will believe the narrative that we are hateful and violent

While taking our punishment and remaining silent.

The day of Reconciliation is a lie.

It’s become impossible smile while inside we die

From hunger, trauma and racist acts

And systems designed to against us like pacts.

Reconciliation much like Thanksgiving

Should only be enjoyed by those the system favours as worthy of living.