From Birth to Three Years old:

All you wish to do when you see those beautiful, plump, healthy-looking black boy babies in adverts to promote products such as nappies or baby food, is squeeze their cheeks and hug them tightly, whilst inhaling that smell that only babies have. The unsteady steps as they walk towards you makes you long to have a baby. Your hormones are in overdrive as they play peek-a-boo with you. Then they smile- a smile that’s at once enchanting, and bashful and you see two teeth, which makes the babies even more adorable. 

From Four to Ten Years old:

Those adorable black babies become cute, children who spend their lives, eating, playing and just doing “kids’ stuff,” much like every other child. They still need love and hugs and reassurances that they are accepted and wanted. 

From Twelve Years old and beyond:

Suddenly, these beautiful black boys, with their confidence and friendliness, morph into the “demons” of society! Now the boys are tall, their shoulders are broad, their bodies have filled out, and they lost the “childish” sweet voice they had. There is no longer anything “cute” about them. Now they are just “scary!” For the vast majority of black boys the world over, it’s not something they have done but how they are viewed in the racist system we all live in. Trayvon Martin, (may his soul R.I.P), is instantly a thief, a rapist or a murderer and he needed to be killed before he could commit any crime. There is no chance he could be innocent of a crime because that’s what black boys do isn’t it? They grow up and can’t wait for the opportunity to commit a crime- a crime that is always against white people, in particular white women. Black men from this age have now become targets of the “Karens’” and every racist white person out there, whilst Brock Turner, an Ivy League, blond, blue-eyed rapist, never meant to rape his victim, but “alcohol,” “made” him do it. 

“All black men are good for is to work in positions where their physical strength is an advantage or to make countless babies that they don’t take care of.” Oh yes, I forgot and to attack white women and “defile” them. This is the belief out there, isn’t it? Why are we pussyfooting around when the truth is that the “Karens” of this world shriek whenever a black man comes close to them or the racist police, (including the black and brown prejudiced ones’), simply kill or injure them. Yet, people like Prince Andrew, and we all know his predilection for underage girls, is welcomed into spaces that allow him access to the young girls. Then there is our current Wouter Basson, aka “Dr Death,” who is forgiven, (not sure by who), for his crimes against black people, but Julius Malema is vilified?

What kind of society do we live in, that the global belief is that black boys are dangerous from 12 or 13 years old?  While at 12 or 13 years old, white boys are being nurtured and groomed for their future!

When do we, as a society, understand that being black is not a crime and that not all criminals are black?

How are black parents supposed to groom their children for the future when they could be shot down if they dare to wear a “hoodie?” How do you raise, happy, well-adjusted black boys when society “demonizes” or belittles them?

Can this belief not be why a white man such as Ted Bundy, the handsome, serial killer, managed to “get away with murder?”  Is it because he never looked scary or because he seemed decent, and had lovely manners?      

How can society change when the very idea of a black man walking around is enough to let him be identified for a crime he probably never committed. (Have a read through The Innocence Project) website and see the shocking statistics of black men being given life sentences or death penalties despite DNA that exonerated them. 

It is not my intention to vilify white men in this article, but I believe that the racist system is tearing our black boys down even more, and that’s aside from generational trauma.

A criminal is a person who commits a crime, not someone who happens to be black.