For years this question has plagued my mind and the reasons for it. But I just couldn’t come up with a concrete answer to my dilemma. 

Has man through the ages become man’s judge and executioner. Or is there only one true judge. I even have sleepless nights over this question?

Do we as humans have the right to take a life and not bear the consequences of it? Then, I surveyed my own hometown. At first, crime wasn’t so bad but through the year’s crime has grown to epidemic proportions. 

Does this death penalty go against my Christian beliefs? I can’t believe how much crime has negatively affected my once peaceful suburb.

A tear would fall down my face every time I picked up a newspaper or watched the news on television.

Yes, I believe the punishment must fit the crime. Truthfully, I believe in the death penalty that’s my choice.

We must all take a stand and fight this scourge of crime that has overtaken our daily lives. Just like I am pro-choice.  Because sooner rather than later those perpetrators of crime must pay the price.

My heart bleeds for those people targeted by heartless criminals and trying to stay alive each day. It’s a scourge that needs to end. 

Let us all live in peace and harmony.