Man treats me like the despicable one. Even I was born from the same sand and dust as they.

Every time I pass them, they stare at me as if I am some ghost invading their space. Sometimes I feel like I am a mere shadow going from city to city.

The tattered cloth on my feeble frame hangs on me as if I bought a size too big.

My once white veneers are now tainted with brown marks from all the substances I took over the years.

I have no place to lay, my weary soul, even that was taken away from me. Now I sleep under those rat-infested bridges and rusted bus stops.

I don’t know when last I had a decent meal? 

All I have is this stale bread or days old food that I find in your filthy bins.

Yes, I still read those torn newspapers that I find strewn all over the once clean streets. Or some good person would give me a book to read.

Mostly, I think my mind is going, but I know it isn’t. True, there are many like us out there of every colour and creed.

Yes, you man still judge us by how we look and our education levels. 

Yes, some of us don’t have our level of education, but time and time again, you ridicule us.

Do you think that you are better than us? Think long and hard before you come up with the answer.

If this city was well “run,” you would not see us. But I guess you are ashamed of your brothers and sisters. Pity you don’t want to know us.

Because in your mind, we are the scum of this wretched Earth you call home.

Every day I see your faults because you wear that invisible mask on your face. It is plastered on. You love people to admire and praise you for what you do. 

There is not a bone of true humility in you because you are so egotistical and so vain.

Even those scary graveyards which I despise don’t want me. So before you begin to judge or point fingers at others, remember nine fingers are pointing back at you.

Truthfully, I am the despicable one.